About Me

Hello I’m Herman Velarde,

I was born at home in Gallup New Mexico, I have 1 brother and 5 sisters.

My Dad, Grandfather, and Uncle worked for the Railroad there. Later Dad moved us all to Los Angeles California where I attended junior high and High school. After graduation in 1954, I enlisted with the Navy, married my high school sweetheart, we had a son, and moved to San Diego and lived at the Navel base.

After my discharge from service I got a job with the Railroad following in my Dad’s footsteps. It was a good job but I was interested in learning and education.

I kept working at the railroad to support my family and also attended college full time.

From there I ended up working 32 years with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

I earned my B.A. in Police Science Administration at Cal State L.A.;
M.A. in Education and Administration at Mt. St. Mary’s College;
A Pupil Personnel Credential at California Lutheran University.

Teaching classes K-12, serving as a guidance and attendance counselor.
For three years, I was a specialist overseeing 48 LAUSD Math and Reading teachers working in public and non-public school settings.

During my career I dealt with troubled teens, magnet school students, parents, teachers and administrators representing virtually all the different ethnicities Los Angeles provides.

I’ve known to several generations of students, and acknowledge how my career enriched my life.

I dedicate this work to the enrichment of new generations, young and old, seeking happiness and success through discipline, hard work and believing in yourselves.

Herman MoroBay

Morro Rock at Moro Bay

Amerecon, LLC is an education based company dedicated to impacting how we learn in our communities across the country. To do this we focus on the importance of visualizing a 100% Unified Community. Many independent education projects will launch from Amerecon in the future, all based on empowering children and parents to find authentic passion as they participate in the power of knowledge.